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Introduction is an Australian owned and operated Internet company. It is the home of Australian racing specialising in the provision of very high quality innovative formguides, software, products and services to enthusiasts interested in Australian racing.

For too long Australian punters have had to deal with low quality sporadic form. Inracing sets new standards of presentation, coverage and content. We can make this claim, because the people behind Inracing have had a lifetime in publishing racing formguide and research information. We are racing people first and publishers second.

Racing is the Sport of Kings and for too long the best information also belonged to the Kings of racing. Inracing will now make available a whole host of information and research unequalled anywhere else in the world - to everyone. But it is much more than that. A suite of interactive software will allow customers to reformat their formguides into a layout of their choice. Yesterday´s formguides now become tomorrow´s formguides. Direct comparisons of ratings and performance of yesterday can be compared to ratings and assessments for tomorrow. Runners who rate well do not always perform well. Our Inracing retrospective analysis will for the first time give customers a direct line through yesterday's ratings and performance with what is expected tomorrow. Runners who rate well and constantly fail will now not escape our analysis.

This revolution comes about as a consequence of the vision of Inracing's founder, Malcolm Knowles.
Meet Inracing's Founder Malcolm Knowles
Malcolm Knowles came upon racing by accident after answering an advertisement for a part time programmer and racing researcher in 1985. 

Malcolm joined the Australian Army in 1972 to undertake an apprenticeship as an Electronic Tradesman. He graduated top of his class.

In 1977 he was selected to attend the Officer Cadet School, where he graduated as one of the top officer cadets..

In 1980 the Army sent Malcolm to university where he undertook a Bachelor Of Business (Personnel and Industrial Relations). Malcolm graduated dux of his class receiving the South Australian Chamber of Commerce Gold Medal as the top graduate. Malcolm also received the Federated Clerk's Union prize for top student in industrial relations, and the South Australian Institute of Personnel Management prize for top student in personnel management.

A series of uninspiring postings and a chance part-time job in racing saw Malcolm leave the Army in 1987 and start his own business, Wiz Books, which in turn spawned Racebooks Australia, which today has morphed into Inracing and sits proudly as Australia's biggest publisher of books, software and research material. Malcolm has formerly held appointments as the Director of Marketing for The Wizard Formguide. Malcolm has written many books including the landmark publications The Best Ever Trifecta Guide, The Good Betting and Racing Guide, Trifecta Betting & Handicapping and The Art of Staking..

Malcolm was engaged by the world's largest TAB, TAB Ltd to provide his expertise advice to their highly successful Let's Play Trifectas campaign in 1999. The resultant Let's Play Trifectas booklet containing Malcolm's tips and suggestions for trifecta play was distributed to over 1500 TABs in New South Wales.

Australia's biggest selling daily newspaper, The Daily Telegraph has also published Malcolm's racing tips and selection strategies in their racing lift out under the Fast Facts banner.

Malcolm and his family have been committed fund raisers for the Westmead Children's Hospital, through Cure Our Kids, raising over $100,000 thus far. Malcolm has recently been most privileged to accept an honorary position with Cure Our Kids as a Business Development Manager.

Malcolm is committed to making Inracing the world's premier racing information source through the provision of excellence in formguide and research.
  The Future
Much is still planned now and beyond which will ensure that Inracing truly is the home of Australian Racing.
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